Dwyer Custom Knives DDC-SMD Fixed Blade


New from the 2016 TKI show in Las Vegas and made by Duane Dwyer comes this SMD Fixed blade knife. This knife features a CPM-S60V with a chisel ground tanto design. This knife was given a hammered finish on its flats. For the handle scales on this knife Duane has used reconstituted jade. The knife comes with a custom black kydex sheath.

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Duane Dwyer Custom Knives For Sale

Overall Length: 4 5/8″

Blade Length: 2 3/4″

Blade Material: CPM S60V

Handle Length: 1 7/8″

Handle Material: Reconstituted Jade

Knife Type: Fixed

Model: SMD

Maker: Duane Dwyer

Condition: New – Straight from Maker


Duane Dwyer Custom Knives for Sale

You need good tools. Tools that don’t break. Tools that last a long, long time. Tools that, plain and simple, get the job done.

Whether you’re out on the lake, fixing the office printer, or taking care of business around the house, sooner or later you’re going to need a trustworthy knife that’ll hold up to the stresses of everyday use.

Sure, you can buy a cheap pocketknife made in a factory, but eventually, it will rust, wear down the parts, or break. Then you’ll have to buy another one. Then later on down the road that one wears out, too, leaving you frustrated and rushing to find a new model that won’t wear out as quickly.

Who has time to deal with poorly made knives? Why not invest now in a knife that will last not just a few years, but for generations? Once you try a Duane Dwyer knife, you’ll never look back – because his knives do last generations.

They are built with such precision, quality, and craftsmanship that they can be passed down from father to son, aging gracefully and continuing to function at peak performance even after many decades of constant use. When you make things the right way and use high quality materials, they last.

Search all you might, but you’ll never find a poorly made Duane Dwyer knife. Why? Because Duane is one of the world’s best knife makers.

He just doesn’t make bad knives. Instead, he exclusively uses the best materials in the world.

Now, after spending years making knives and learning from the best in the industry, Duane Dwyer is in the top tier of knife forgers in the world.

Duane makes Duane Dwyer Custom Knives For Sale designed to be passed on from generation to generation. Knives people in generations past would recognize as a beautiful, lasting tool – worthy of being a multi-generational symbol of hard work, perseverance, and legacy.

About Duane Dwyer

Duane Dwyer and his friend, Mick Strider, founded Strider Knives back in 1992. They set up a simple shop and started with the bare bones of what would become a thriving, world-famous custom knives operation.

Eventually, as they both progressed in their own craft and developed a unique style, they split their brands, allowing Duane to set up his own personal brand of knives.

Now the Duane Dwyer brand is known and respected worldwide as a leading expert in knife making. When it comes to quality, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better knife than something made by Duane himself. Check out more about the knives Duane Dwyer offers here.

What Makes a Duane Dwyer Custom Knife Special?

There are machine-made, factory-produced knives sold in convenience stores and supermarkets. Then there are custom-made knives. Custom knives are in a league of their own when it comes to quality, longevity, and beauty.

Duane Dwyer custom knives for sale are always a preferred knife for outdoorsmen, military, and knife collectors. Duane is well-known for crafting knives whose handles match the blade to perfection and whose profile is sleek, slender, aesthetically beautiful, and ergonomically balanced.

With Duane Dwyer-made knives, the function is flawless – but so is the design. Cheaper knife handles usually don’t match the blade very well – or if they do the knives are made from cheap, thin, easily damaged metal. By contrast, custom-made knives from Duane Dwyer are made to last.

The Value of a Well-Made Custom Knife

Legacy heirlooms aren’t purchased at flea markets. For an item to be deserving of either the title “legacy” or “heirloom,” it usually must be something either custom-designed or custom-made. While it is not always the case that custom-made items are of a higher value, it usually is.

The reasoning is simple: factory-made items aren’t made by a thinking, experienced human. They come in boxes and can come with occasionally damaged parts or even mismatched parts that don’t go together. By contrast, custom-made items are looked over by an actual human being – in this case, an expert in knife making.

When it comes to knives, the value you’ll get from purchasing a custom-made knife from one of the world’s leading knife forgers goes well beyond the actual cost of the item. Custom items do cost more upfront – sometimes significantly more – but when the return on investment you receive from the item outlives the original investment you made in the item itself, the value increases exponentially.

The elegant, ergonomic shape, the blend of the handle into the blade, and the artistic value in the knife are so far ahead of what you would find in a routine, factory-made knife that even a be shocked to compare the two.

Specifications and Features of Duane Dwyer Knives

When ordering from DwyerCustomGoods.com, you’ll have several options to choose from. Duane Dwyer makes several popular models, including knives made with ultra-high quality materials like magnesium, titanium (white, black, and tinted), G-10, and carbon fiber.

Duane’s website lets you choose which size you would prefer – small, medium, large, or extra large. In addition, you can choose whether you’d prefer a knife with serrated edges and even select your preferred blade material and finish.

Blade materials include Carpenter CTS-XHP (SS), Carpenter Micro Melt ™ PD#1, Damascus – Chad Nichcols San Mai, Damascus – Non San Mai, and SM-100. Blade types you can choose from will include Gun Metal, Matte Finish, Black Oxide, and Natural (as heat treated).

The Best Knives Money Can Buy

When you buy a knife from Duane Dwyer, you’re benefiting from the various friends and knife making experts Duane knows personally and regularly consults with regarding the best knife making manufacturing methods, so you can be sure you’re getting top quality.

According to Duane’s own website, “We work only with the most high-end materials and manufacturing procedures, and we stay at the high end.” Duane himself admits to being very interested in the actual science of knife making. Any new procedure or material that becomes available to make even higher quality knives is immediately something he looks into.

Put simply, Duane Dwyer knives really do use only the best of the best materials, and their customers report an extremely high level of satisfaction from the products they purchase from him. If you want the best of the best quality, look no further than a Duane Dwyer custom knife.

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