Case XX 21994 V-42 Fighting Stiletto with Leather Sheath With Walnut Display Case


This knife is a recreation of  World War II-era V-42.  The originals were made exclusively by Case in 1942 and issued to the First Special Service Force (a.k.a. “The Devil’s Brigade”).  The Case V-42 has since been regarded as one of the rarest of all WWII fighting knives, and sought-after piece of historic war militaria.  This knife measures 12.5 inches long and weighs 7 oz.  It features a unique ‘thumbprint’ embedded within the knife’s ricasso which served as a thumb grip.  The knife’s blued blade is double-concave ground, yielding the knife’s signature center line.  The stacked genuine leather handle has been meticulously constructed with special gimping.  Even the accompanying leather sheath was made in accordance with the wartime original, with sleeve-reinforcing steel teeth, careful stitching and diamond-shaped brass rivet covers.

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Pattern Number: V-42 CV

Blade:  Stiletto

Full Length: 12 1/2″ 

Display: Magnetic Walnut



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